fresh herbs & vegetables, quality ingredients and minimal use of oil make Vietnamese one of the healthiest cuisines.



“When friends and families gather at Soall to share with each other their comings and goings, and recount stories of the day to our staff, we have achieved this purpose.” - Sa

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who we are

Soall’s history began with best friends, Sa Nguyen and Mia Lunt, wanting to share their love of fresh Vietnamese food and hospitality that is the essence of their culture.

When the friends opened Soall Bistro years ago, they had no grand plans to change the world or even to open a second restaurant. As they started to connect with people through the daily preparation and serving of food, they realized the power of a meal and the potential for changing lives through simple hospitality. 

Sa and Mia believe that through food, connections are made and culture barriers are broken down; and through a shared vision, communities are created. These ideals have allowed them to create a Soall culture that is warm and welcoming for its guests and nurturing for its team members to be a part of. It is Soall mission to nourish community with fresh food and hospitality.